Technic Electrical Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Technic Electrical Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd

TEE  (Thailand) is  the last daughter company of the TEE family business operating for the last 2 generations father & son. 
- The 35 years of growing international expertise of T.E.E. (Since 1980) were used to develop and confirm technical skills.

Today main activity: 
- Air conditioning energy savings innovative solution. 
- Energy saving solutions:
- LED lighting 5-year warranty,
- Home automation solutions
- Sustainable electrical installation
  • CONTINEWM Net AirCon Energy Saving Solution

    Target Sector/Audience:

    Hotels owners & management companies, Condominium, Office or commercial building owners, 


    • On site test to prove efficiency and energy saving controlled by electricity bill reduction
    • Supply of CONTINEWM Net
    • Staff training for installation
    • Customer follow-up

    Expected Results:

    • About 20% saving on the electricity bill of Air conditioning system depending on environment and existing technology

    Price in Thai Baht:  Starting from THB 9,800, depending on the project size and the technical assistance needed.

  • Contact Details

    Thomas Gal, CEO & Owner

    +66 (0) 2000 1155 (under construction)

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