Green Building Division - Technisoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Green Building Division - Technisoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Green Building Consulting & Engineering guides and supports you through the green building process whether you are looking to define your sustainability strategy, optimize your design, comply with certification standards or reach high performance building targets.

Our sustainable focus and technical expertise ensures that proposed strategies grant comfortable, healthy indoor spaces and a competitive business advantage while preserving the environment.

  • Roadmap for Green Buildings

    Target Sector/Audience: all building types,  early project development.


    • Introduction to the Integrative Design Process, Green Buildings & Sustainability.

    • Define project’s benchmark, targets with key decision makers.

    • Explore potential sustainable strategies.

    • Develop a roadmap to reach high building performance levels.

    Expected Results:

    • Build up, motivate a collaborative multidisciplinary team.

    • Develop early consensus on project’s sustainability goals and expected results.

    • Establish measurable objectives.

    • Understand design impacts on sustainability outcomes.

    • Evaluate project’s ability to meet green building standards.

    • Marketable green building concept that improves your triple bottom line.

    • Effective roadmap to kick start the green building process.

    Price in Thai Baht: Starting from THB 45,000 excluding taxes. Depends on project’s scope and scale.

  • Design Optimization for High Performance

    Target Sector/Audience:  new & existing, all building types.


    • Climate & site analysis

    • Design Optimization studies:

        - Orientation & Massing

        - Space Layout

        - Envelope & Façade

        - Lighting

         - HVAC

    • Whole building energy modeling.

    • Thermal comfort studies: temperature, airflow.

    • CFD simulation: natural ventilation potential.

    • Visual comfort studies: daylight, shading, glare.

    Expected Results:

    • Assess project’s opportunities, anticipate for challenges.

    • Climate responsive design optimization.

    • Maximize energy, water and resources efficiency.

    • Minimize operational costs and carbon footprint.

    • Improve occupant’s comfort, health and well-being.

    • Predict building’s performance and measure it to intended goals and green building standards.

    Price in Thai Baht: Depends on number and complexity of studies and analysis undertaken. Quotation on demand.

  • Green Building Certification Facilitation

    Target Sector/Audience:  new & existing, all building types.


    • Green charrette.
    • Certification feasibility study.
    • Green Building facilitation:

        - Project management & coordination

        - Technical & administrative support

    • Design optimization for high performance compliance.
    • Certification required simulations:

        - Energy Modeling

        - Daylighting

        - Thermal Comfort

    Expected Results:

    • Compliance with Green Building rating systems and local building codes.
    • Evaluate highest realistic rating achievement.
    • Effective action plan and innovative strategies to reach rating requirements.
    • Standard complying simulations.
    • Progress tracking towards completion & follow up.
    • Documentation preparation for submission.
    • Environmental, financial and marketing opportunities of standardized green buildings.

    Price in Thai Baht: Depends on project location, project type, rating system and targeted level of certification. Quotation on demand.

  • Contact Details

    Armelle Le Bihan

    Director, Green Building Consultant & ESD Engineer

    +66 (0) 9 22 79 66 53

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