Dreamlopments LTD

Dreamlopments LTD

Dreamlopments, founded in 2015, is a social enterprise, a nonprofit mission-driven company working on aid and development. 
We concentrate on various areas of human and social development, notably health, education, and living standards, with a particular focus on the needs of the most vulnerable or marginalized populations. 
Our main initial project is to create a low-cost private health insurance for migrants in Thailand.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Funding Support

    Target Sector/Audience: French, Thai and other corporations


    • Funding support to start-up of our enterprises and its initial project, as part of partner companies Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

    Expected Results:

    • Recnognition on all our presentation materials of the support received.
    • Possibility for the sponsor to present the support given to our high-impact project and novel enterprise on all presentation materials and formats.

    Price in Thai Baht: THB 300,000 (Platinum sponsor), THB 200,000 (Gold sponsor) or THB 100,000 (Silver sponsor).

  • Low-cost health insurance for migrant workers

    Target Sector/Audience: Partners private companies and their suppliers


    • Providing a low-cost non-profit private health insurance for migrant workers in need
    • Offer access to quality healthcare services to migrant workworkers

    Expected Results:

    • Support to the company's migrant workforce, if applicable
    • Improved access to quality health care for migrant workforce
    • Visibility for the company of a unique approach to healthcare of its workforce

    Price in Thai Baht: approximately THB 100/month/migrant worker.

  • Contact Details

    Nicolas Durier, Founder and General Director

    +66 (0) 913 610 910


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