The conditions to have your initiative(s) being selected to be presented during the Sustainability for Business Forum are:

The initiatives have to effectively help companies to address all 3 following stakes and challenges:

  • Contribute to skilled staff attraction and retention,

  • Enhance corporate image, reputation and brand,

  • Improve performance, productivity and/or profitability


The initiatives must be socially sustainable (contribute to the company’s social engagement improvement) and/or environmentally sustainable (contribute to the company’s environmental footprint improvement) solutions.


The initiatives have to be concrete, reproducible, new or still operating, be part of a today trend, and be introduced by its manager or supervisor.

Examples of identified projects field: energy efficiency, eco-materials, circular business solutions, green tech, support to impact tech or social enterprise, well-being at work, collaborative culture…

Each project field is taken care by an expert member of the Sustainability Committee and will be linked to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the new international frame for sustainability initiatives.


Hospitality would be a sector with more particular attention this year.

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