In our commitment to provide businesses with relevant support and to promote sustainable growth in Asia, the Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce (FTCC) CSR & Sustainability Committee, the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) and the German Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) with the support of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CANCHAM) and the Australian Chamber of Commerce (AUSCHAM) is presenting the 1rst Sustainability & CSR Fair in Bangkok.

Be part of the 1st Sustainability & CSR Fair and mark your calendar now!
What should you expect?

Food & Agriculture

Responsible Food Supply Chain


Pollution & Waste Prevention and Management

Energy & Water Conservation & Efficiency

Human Resources

Employee Community Engagement

20 Duo Presentations from 20 Duos of companies and their partners presenting their sustainability initiatives in Asia

40+ Business practitioners from various industries:

F&B, hospitality, energy, design, tourism, building materials, IT, healthcare,  etc.

Themed sessions, plenary talks, marketplace, networking 

Why you should attend?

Get INSPIRED by businesses showcasing their best practices, CONNECT with relevant sustainability partners and EMPOWER your business with innovative and effective strategies driven by environmental, social and economic performance.

Who should attend?

Who should attend? company directors, managing directors, business leaders, business executives, representatives, consultants, managers, business developers, marketing and brand managers, HR managers looking to create business value while managing their impact on people and the planet.

Why it matters?

How you can do it?

  • Diverting waste from landfills;

  • Repurposing waste by using recyclable products;

  • Reducing water consumption in business processes;

  • Designing and conceiving more sustainable buildings;

  • Converting waste to energy;

  • Switching to clean, renewable energy;

  • Educating your staff to conserve resources;

  • Improving air quality and acoustic comfort;

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